Boisupport: consulting services. To apply for BOI investment promotion to standing orders the equipment – material and amortization. Certificate of incorporation and the company. To apply for a tax identification number and VAT registration. The application for license renewal and extended plant. The application for renewal and Visa-Work Permit and operations over import – export full. As well as providing an ISO Free Free!

Currently, investors are interested in investing in Thailand. And some investors have been obtained from the Board of Investment promotion then. But the problem was that the investors. Investors lack the knowledge and understanding of the process of the work. To liaise with various government agencies, including the Board of Investments (Board Of Investment), Investor Club Association, the Department of Customs, Bureau of Immigration, Department of Labor, the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Industry,. and the Department of Revenue. The company will make available to investors since inception. Until the end of the whole process. And consulting on various matters. Investors to benefit as much as possible.

Government agencies, as stated above, that Investors should contact the Coordinator during the promoted mainly to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the work of the filing of the governmental agency. As a result, the disruption in the work due to the lack of a shitty major professional expertise and Boisupport it is an intermediary in providing liaison with various government agencies with guidelines to help reduce and eliminate. problems to work out.

Boisupport received in confidence from foreign investors, including Japan, China, UK, Korea, Malaysia, and so by Boisupport serve investors that the company is not just consultation. However, in order to maintain the benefits of the investment will be. And systems within your organization and to build a good foundation to work from home and into the future and provides the investor with a high standard of service, which is a group of investors. Boisupport proud of the way it’s part of the pleasure. And impressed with a group of investors to build a good image for the country to another. This allows investors to invest in Thailand. I can go back to a group of investors to realize their investment and make a new decision to invest in Thailand and increasing revenue for the country include people. Thailand has employed more and more assets.

Boisupport Team, which includes experienced for a long time. And consulting services. And solve problems. To assist investors in a business out of this problem.

If you trust in Boisupport in service by coordinating with agencies, investors and government agencies. By offering the following services for this destination.

1. Applying for investment promotion.

2. Apply Machine Master list and Renewal (Annual) Machine.

3. Apply Max Stock / Raw material Master List / Formulation and Renewal (Annual) Raw material.

4. Apply for Full Operation License Project.

5. Apply Order release machinery, Apply Order materials and Apply for Cutting stock Machinery / Material / Scrap

6. Apply Work Permits & Visas For to an alien and experts-level executives managers and technical.

7. Service For Import-Export Boi, 19Bis, Epz, and Fz etc.

8. Licensing facilities and Renewal (Annual) Licensing facilities.

9. Business Registration.

10. Service for Financial Accounting, Tax and Social Insurance.

11. Customs Department Services.

12. ISO Services.

13.Service for Training Law Regulations and Privilege BOI, Customs, and Revenue.

In House Training

Courses of the investment under Boi Act. are as follows :

1. How to get BOI promotion
1.1 List of eligible activities
1.2 Project approval criteria
1.3 Joint venture criteria
2. Current investment incentives policies
2.1 Zone-based incentives
2.2 Sector-specific incentives & priority activities
2.3 STI incentives
2.4 Investment for sustainable development
3. Post-approval procedures
3.1 Certificate issuance
3.2 Project implementation and reporting
3.3 Project modification vs. new project application
3.4 Operation start-up license
4. Use of tax incentives
4.1 Importation of machinery
4.2 Importation of raw materials
4.3 Corporate income tax benefits
5. Use of non-tax incentives
5.1 Land ownership
5.2 Visa/work permits

Offer of services covering all.
Boisupport Team
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