1. Make account List of machinery (Master list) For the right to import the machine

2. Raw material list for import benefits raw The relevant information is required to specify the name of the raw materials to be imported to be used to make the transaction. Model, Bom list to calculate the amount you want to import and apply to Boi.

3. Edit Raw Material List Separation is an addition of raw material names or reduced material consumption by 4. The bill of materials is used to eliminate the export account from the Model amount that is exported according to the export document.

5. Edit bills of materials it may have to reduce quantity/increase production quantity by requiring a new formula to be calculated from the Bom list, and then to be recalculated. Edit bills of materials

6. Returns the return of the machine to the country as a result – it is no longer required to bring back the repair and reuse. Case returned The mother to repair and reuse.

7. Machinery release Machine list name must match requested by Boi.

8. Raw Material Order The material inbound documents must be fully qualified in order to release the material. For the first time, submit the arrival date clearly.

9. Extending the import time of raw materials BOI is required to import raw materials within a period of 1 year and must prepare a company-related document such as the financial statement, Sales Amount, inventory amount, amount of scrap. Boi

10.310 is a report of the results based on the account is the financial statement of the company. The one information is provided in the form and must be submitted annually in accordance with the requirements to preserve the company’s rights.

11. Procurement of raw materials to foreign countries due to non-standard or damaged raw materials must be submitted to the BOI for approval, and then resume the outbound document.

12. Adjust the return of the raw material to the IC unit to adjust the balance amount. About 1 week

13. The progress report of the project has 3 phases, 1. Term 6 months, 2.1 Year 3.

14. The extension of the company’s opening times will be scheduled to be open within 36 months. With the BOI, and to open the operation in the 3rd year, and company unable still does not complete the operation, proceed to the open extension.

15. The opening will be required to prepare all sets of materials and Tharai accounts for the revenue to be monitored.

16. Elimination of goods is raw material, manufactured as a product, as well as the export process, where the goods are to be used to cut raw materials.

17. Adjust raw material balance if purchased domestic materials requires PO or number of INV. As evidence to balance the balance by filing a document with IC.

18. Amortisation of loss of losses such as raw materials, loss of accounts, losses required for permission Once passed, the export department has been coordinated to process and remove outbound documents with IC.

19. To manage the raw materials, transfer the right to the seller, check the check Model with the bomlist. to the seller (case selling the company, we are the seller to ask for the company’s information we will sell that we will transfer this material to you.

The transfer of raw material from buyer must have a document to transfer the return rights to the company in order to cut the material into account.

21. Request a work permit and visa for foreigners and executive-level professionals Managers and technicians, including visa for the family of professionals at executive level. Managers and technicians to visit the country


In House Training

The curriculum on promotion of investment is as follows;

1. Practices after the investment is promoted

2. Information on the promotion of investment

3. Accounting and audit guidance of the investment promoted

4. Exercise of rights and benefits of corporate income tax exemption for the promoted

5. How to request an open operation for a promoted business

6. Rights and benefits granted by the Investment Promotion Act

7. How to treat material loss of raw material for investment promoted businesses

8. Material and material practices required for investment promoted parties

9. Machinery and equipment practices for the promoted companies

10. How to obtain permission to import experts and family followers for a promoted party investment